LeBron James Gave Kevin Love Inspiring Message After He Revealed Anxiety Problems

Anxiety is a common issue, and most people don’t really have the courage to talk about it. That’s not the case of Kevin Love. He’s probably the first athlete to come forward with his struggle with mental health.

Kevin Love shared the story of his struggle with anxiety. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward had a panic attack in the game against the Atlanta Hawks. Panic attacks aren’t a tiny problem, and should be approached with care.

Love talked about his struggle in an essay on The Players’ Tribune. This opened the way for other athletes to come out and discuss about their problem. DeMar DeRozan and Justin Verlander talked about their battle with depression and mental illness.

Fans applauded Love, and gave him maximum support. You don’t really see a prominent athlete talking about anxiety every day. It was brave, and many athletes and media pundits stood by his side. But, Love will never forget the message he got from James LeBron.

Love had an interview with Carson Daly, and revealed what LeBron told him after he talked about his anxiety.

“It was a special moment for me because we sat towards the end of the bus. He kind of said ‘hey, do you have a moment’ he stopped me … shook my hand, looked me in my eye and said ‘You helped a lot of people today. It’s important.’ That was super powerful for me because not only is he the best athlete in the world, the best basketball player in the world but his influence and having my back with that was super important to me,” Love said in the interview.

LeBron said the best thing we could ever imagine. That’s how you support a struggling teammate. May this be an example for everyone battling with anxiety and other mental illness. You’re not alone.

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