LeBron James Interviews Travis Scott About Executive Producing Of NBA 2K19

Travis Scott is the executive producer on the soundtrack for 2K Sports’ video game “NBA 2K19.” The soundtrack will also feature Scott’s music, and “a variety of current hip-hop and pop artists providing high energy and a fresh listening experience for all virtual ballers. Scott talked to LeBron James about the whole game thing.

Travis Scott wanted to know what it’s like to have such a huge role in the popular video game. “It’s an honor. It’s dope. I always like the chance to be able to curate music. It means a lot because it reaches a lot of people in different communities,” Scott said.


Astroworld is the latest project released by Scott, and it’s one of the greatest releases this year. Scott isn’t too modest about his album, saying that he really enjoys the zone of greatness. We can feel that.


King James, on the other hand, is the cover athlete for the NBA 2K19 20th anniversary edition. What an honor.

“It’s humbling to be on the 20th anniversary cover of a game I’ve played and loved since I was a little kid. We were able to do something really unique for the cover that represents everything that drives me and inspires me – from my family to where I come from and words I live by. I’m honored my journey can be part of this special time in 2K history and I’m excited for fans to see it,” LeBron said.

Fans will be able to get the game on September 11, 2018.

It was nice to see the king of basketball interviewing Scott. Is this the beginning of a new era? How will fans accept the new game? Will Kobe’s fans try to destroy it as they did to all the LeBron murals in Los Angeles?
Let’s wait and see what happens next.

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