LeBron James Makes Major Statement About Kobe Bryant’s Possible Comeback

Lately, there have been too much speculations and information regarding Kobe Bryant‘s alleged comeback. So, is Kobe coming out of retirement or not?

First, there was Shaq saying Bryant is returning. Then, Kobe’s wife said he’s done for good. And now, we’re EXCLUSIVELY hearing LeBron James isn’t buying it, and saying that ‘anything is possible.’

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, 39, hasn’t played in the NBA since 2016, but ever since LeBron James, 33, joined the Los Angeles Lakers, there has been a buzz about Black Mamba returning to the court to play alongside the King.

Though Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Laine Bryant, 36, has shut down the talk of him coming out of retirement, King James thinks Kobe could still do it.

“LeBron is convinced Kobe could return and play again for the Lakers,” a source close to the NBA star revealed. “LeBron feels like despite what Kobe or his wife have said publicly, when the time comes, anything is possible.”

“LeBron hopes to make a run at the playoffs next season with the Lakers,” the insider added, “and he feels like Kobe is still strong enough to ball in the league. LeBron feels that Kobe is one of the greatest players ever and could still contribute.” The insider adds that as the 2018-19 NBA season gets closer, LeBron hopes that Kobe will “get caught up in the Laker excitement and return to play, or at least contribute on the sidelines somehow.”

Reportedly, LeBron isn’t the only NBA icon who wants to see Kobe back. Shaquille O’Neal recently addressed the rumors.

“I know all the parties involved,” Shaq said. “Let’s talk about the Lakers parties. There’s already excitement with LeBron coming here. I don’t know how ticket sales are – boom, boom, boom. But if you make that announcement – ooooh – the Kobe jerseys and LeBron jerseys, side by side – a little package. It’ll explode. Right?”

“And now on Kobe’s side, ‘Kobe, we love you. We need you to lead. We need you to play 10, 15, 20 minutes a game. You play third, fourth quarter, we’ll let you do what you do, you and LeBron out there. LeBron running and kicking with you, and all you have to do is spot up and shoot jumpers 20 minutes a game.’ Kobe will think about that.”

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