LeBron James Met With a Fan Who Has A Giant Tattoo Of Him

LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players to ever play in the NBA. He’s got an army of fans, and some of them even have a tattoo of him. Can you believe this?

We’ve seen some of Bron’s fans having his face tattooed on their bodies. Seeing your face in someone’s tattoo is the best compliment ever.

This time the king of basketball met a guy who had a full-back tattoo of LeBron. Wow. As if this wasn’t enough, LeBron decided to pose next to the man, and even posted the pic on Instagram.


It may be weird for someone, but this man is amazed with LeBron James’ game. You don’t just decide that you will put someone on your back. It has to be as huge as LeBron James.

The king of basketball approved this gesture, and even took a pic with his fan. How amazing is that? It’s probably one of the greatest victories in LeBron’s carrier. I’d sure love someone to do this for me.

LeBron James left Cleveland earlier this summer. It was a major hit for his fans, but some of them were just disappointed. They thought that he would stay with the Cavs and maybe help them win another championship. But, King James made a move forward, and flew all the way to Los Angeles.

LeBron signed a four-year contract, and hopefully, the Lakers will be able to win a few more games than last season. Although they don’t have another star in the organization, LeBron will make sure they score high. The Lakers didn’t have much luck in the last few years, and nobody thought they’d be in the best shape to challenge the Golden State Warriors. Time goes by, and things change, so the only thing we can do is wait and see what happens next.

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