LeBron James Pumped Up His Son As He Danced in a Lakers Jersey

LeBron James surprised everyone with his four-year contract, and fans are looking forward to see him playing in the Lakers uniform. But, someone else from the James family wore the Lakers jersey long before him.

The king of basketball gave us the opportunity to take a look into his something that’s called ‘a summer Thursday night in the James family house.” And, it involves a Lakers jersey.

So, LeBron was there just hyping up his younger boy as he was dancing around in a gold and purple uniform. LeBron was also joking with his older son, and demanding that they treat well their cute little sister.

The girl had her mini ball at the very same moment she asked for it. Yes, the James family is pretty much like every other family. They love and support each other. That’s how LeBron made his big decision. His wife and mother were here to support him.

The kid has the number 2 written on his jersey, and that’s the number of Lonzo Ball. But, if you look closer, you will see that it says ‘Bryce Maximus.” Awesome.

LeBron shared his video on his Instagram story. There’s a longer version of this video, and the little girl gets the ball at the end. Her brothers love her, and take care of her in the best way possible.

The James family is getting ready for the new season and everybody is waiting to see LeBron make his debut. It will be a nice season for everyone, as it will be full of unexpected moves.

LeBron will even play against his former teammates. That would be nice. How will he face the Cavs wearing a Lakers uniform? Well, they aren’t angry at him. He helped them win the championship. So, it will be just a big game for fans on both sides.

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