LeBron James Reacts to Hilarious Video of Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye Working Out

LeBron James may have left Cleveland, but his heart is still with his former teammates. King James will never forget his time with Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, and the rest of the guys.

Nostalgic much? LeBron follows everything his former teammates do, and this time he had the best reaction to the workout of Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

It’s nice to see the king of basketball still taking care of his friendship with the Cavs. No hard feelings, no hate. His Twitter and Instagram account are filled with pics and videos of him and his former teammates.

This time LeBron gave us a chance to check up the 19-second video of Frye and Jefferson working out.


Frye and Jefferson went to the Nike Los Angeles headquarters, and we all know that James has a strong connection to the company. His bond with Nike dates back to the time he finished high school.

The video was posted by Uninterrupted, and it’s the multimedia outlet that was created in an effort to help athletes to share their stories in the way they know best. James LeBron helped creating it.

Last month, Frye signed his one-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jefferson doesn’t have a contract at the moment, and he may retire next year. The 38-year-old player has 17 NBA seasons behind him, and he doesn’t really chase a big contract at the moment. Frye and Jefferson made quite a duo during their time with the Cavs, and they were the centerpiece for the Road Trippin’ podcasts.

The Cavs and Lakers will have their first meeting on November 21. The rematch will take place in Los Angeles on January 13. It would be nice to see the great forces meeting again. How will King James react at the beginning of the game?

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