Lebron James Sends His Support To Cleveland Browns With Latest Twitter Post

LeBron James may not be part of the Cleveland family, but he will always have a special place in his heart for the Cleveland Browns.

The Laker gave his full support to the Cleveland Browns after they went 0-16 last season. The Associated Press’ Tom Withers was pretty concerned about the team, and didn’t really like the way they fail. “Can Browns handle Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway and Josh Gordon and Dez Bryant?” he wrote on Twitter.

King James rushed to respond to his negative comment. “Yes they can and more!! It’s time to change the culture(which The HC been doing) and bringing in players that can win games and make plays helps! Why not?!?!” LeBron wrote.

The former Cavalier believes in the Browns, and even suggested that the team can add more players, and thus change the culture. Is this the way to solve such a problem?

When Withers replied with the question of the Browns’ ability to put the team first, King James said they have already figured that out. “That’s the conversation that should be had before signing anyone. Doesn’t matter who they are. Especially when you’re trying to change the Culture! Team over I all day,” LeBron responded.

The king of basketball was there to support the Browns. Remember the hug he gave to Joe Thomas to congratulate him on the retirement?

“What he gave to that franchise, all (the) losing, and for him to be consistent every single Sunday, knowing that, listen, if there’s one guy that’s going to be in uniform, it’s going to be Joe Thomas, not only in uniform, but every single snap. He’s a legend around here, that’s for sure,” LeBron said after the win over the Milwaukee Bucks in March.

Yes, he’s here to support his guys, and that’s how you encourage someone to become better.

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