LeBron James Shares Photo On Instagram That Shows His Ready To Play Center

Can you imagine how would LeBron James look like if his muscles were bigger? That would be… strange? Is he playing center?

King James is in great shape and condition, and he’s ready for the new season. The superstar is often categorized as one of the most physically fit payers in the entire NBA. His muscles are just fine, and this photo really made us check it twice. A center maybe?

We all saw LeBron’s first photos of him practicing in Lakers uniform. The Internet was flooded with the pics, and there was this particular photo that grabbed our attention. LeBron’s muscles looked ridiculously bigger than they normally are.

It’s more than clear that the king of basketball is working really hard to improve his shape for the upcoming season, but fans were really thrilled to see all those photos. And, yes, someone did a little touch-up, and King James had this huge mass of muscles ‘suffocating’ him. You can’t be serious.

LeBron was amused, too. He saw the photo, and posted it to his Instagram story. “Luke said I maybe playing more five this year… so I said ok then well,” the caption read.

Is LeBron turning into Hulk or was this just this person who created the amusing photo? However, this is definitely the most hilarious picture we’ve seen so far. But, there’s something else that was even more interesting.

Is LeBron acknowledging that he may be playing more center in 2018? This is the first time we see him doing something like this.

Everybody is talking about the Lakers’ “death lineup,” and of course, James could be the smallball center. That would be great. Let’s just wait and see if this is just another speculation. Maybe he will play center, who knows…

We keep seeing pics of the superstar in his gym. That’s enough to fuel the fire.

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