LeBron James Shows Off The Latest Nike LeBron 16s On Instagram

Everybody is raging about LeBron James’ newest sneakers, and the king has already given us a full glance at his new babies. A really nice Nike piece.

King James’ sneakers will drop in less than a month. The Nike LeBron 16s will be available on the market on September 20. The release of the kicks was announced recently.

It’s interesting to note that the sneakers are actually black and red. This doesn’t really match the colors of LeBron’s new uniform, but hey, he signed in with the Lakers this summer. That explains a lot.

Fans didn’t know a lot about the look of the new kicks. But, there were a bunch of pics circulation on Twitter and Instagram, and people made guesses.

The king cut the show, and came out wearing his new signature sneakers. NBA photographer Cassy Athena took the picture, and we could see it on the Instagram account of Los Angeles-area basketball coach Coach Spoon. King James is on the third pic. He’s just chilling out on a chair, and yes, he’s wearing the kicks. Awesome.


The speculations grew bigger every minute, and LeBron decided to put an end to the debate. He posted a pic of the sneakers to his Instagram story.


The sneakers look pretty much like the designed we’ve been seeing on the Internet lately. The design is pretty unique, and make sure you pay close attention to the heel and the tongue. Amazing!

So, are these really the sneakers that will be dropped in September? If yes, what’s their price?

These are the most common questions we see these days. Let’s just wait until September 20. Maybe the king has another surprise for us.

LeBron James grows bigger in the sneaker industry, and his latest design is out of this world. Nice kicks!


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