LeBron James & Tristan Thompson Spotted Out With 3 Mystery Women In Toronto (PHOTO)

Tristan Thompson was caught cheating to Khloe Kardashian, but they’re still together, raising their daughter True Tompson. So, why on Earth is he having lunch with three gorgeous, unidentified women?

As if this wasn’t enough, Tristan Thompson was accompanied by LeBron James. Where were their significant others at the time?

The photos caught everyone’s attention, and fans have already spread the rumor. We don’t really have much info on the occasion that put together the basketball stars and those ladies. The only thing that we know is the fact that Tristan and LeBron are still good friends. They play in different teams, remember?

So, the guys were seen having lunch together in Toronto, and yes, they weren’t alone. But, none of those women was Khloe or Savannah.

The basketball buddies were joined by two security guards, too.

We know that this may be just a friendly meeting or maybe even a business lunch. But, you can’t stop people from talking, right?

Things got even more interesting when one Twitter user confirmed that his own girlfriend spent some time with Tristan and LeBron. “This girl seriously met and partied with LeBron, Tristan & Migos I can’t even be mad at her for not picking up my call,” the guy wrote. The Migos were performing at Toronto’s Caribana festival, that’s true, but we don’t really know a lot about Tristan and LeBron partying there. Let’s just wait for an official statement.

Will Tristan try to explain this to Khloe? I mean, he can’t wander around with unknown women. Not after he cheated on pregnant Khloe. It seems like everything is fine between the two of them, but let’s see how will Kardashian react to this lunch thing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Tristan cheated again, let’s get that straight. We’re not trying to make up a story here.

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