LeBron’s Childhood Friend Opens Up About Him Moving To L.A. And Leaving Cleveland

Romeo Travis put the Internet on fire with his Instagram post. LeBron’s childhood friend didn’t quite like the fact that James Harden was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

Travis was pretty upset, and made sure we all know it. He posted a pic wearing LeBron James Cavaliers jersey. “They cheated my brother out of another MVP,” the caption read. “I don’t know where he’d going please don’t ask,” he added. That’s how Lebron’s childhood friend responded to all those comments.

People were too curious about LeBron’s free agency. Travis was asked questions, and everybody wanted to know King James’ final destination. If by any chance you didn’t know it, Travis is Lebron’s high school teammate and co-star in the movie More Than a Game.

“It’s cool that we’re tied together forever,” Travis said of his friend.

Well, we can forgive Travis for focusing on other things at the moment. You can’t just forget that he’s the Finals co-MVP.

Travis took the Le Mans Sarthe Basket to the LNB Pro A title, known to be one of the greatest achievement in French basketball. He spent his prime in Israel, and in 2012, was named All-Israeli league Player of the Year. Travis also played in Spain, Coratia, Germany, Russia and Italy. He was more into one-year deals.

“It’s difficult. Such temporary contracts put players in a bind,” the 33-year-old basketball player said. “I need to score, but I don’t want to look selfish. But I want to win, and I need to feed my family, so it’s like a fine line between getting yours, staying in team concept and solidifying yourself for a contract next year,” he said.

He’s doing a good job, and LeBron’s fans really liked his gesture. Many agree that he was supposed to be the MVP this year, but… nothing goes the way we plan.

What does he think of LeBron’s leaving Cleveland to ink a contract with the Lakers?

“I can’t be a Lakers fan. As much as the Lakers people love Kobe, that’s as much as we don’t like Kobe. It’s not personal, but the way they love Kobe—the Kobe stans—I troll them as much as I can on Twitter,” he said.

Let’s stick to his opinion about LeBron being the real MVP.

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