Meek Mill Getting Criticized For ‘Disrespectful’ Kobe Bryant Verse

Meek Mill is messing up with the wrong crew, and his shot at Kobe Bryant didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Well, it wasn’t really a shot. It was a verse. Awful verse.

Kobe, his daughter Gigi, and seven others died in a helicopter crash outside Los Angeles. The plane crashed in Calabasas and no one survived it. January 26 will be remembered as a dark day for the world of basketball. People have a hard time coping with the loss. It’s been a year since Kobe died, and we still can’t get over it. We won’t get over it. Kobe was a real star and basketball icon. People loved him. Basketball players looked up to him. Youngsters praised his competitiveness. Kobe won five rings with the Los Angeles Lakers. He spent two decades on the same team. The Black Mamba was a legend, and NBA players will continue his legacy.

Meek Mill shocks Kobe Bryant fans

Let’s go back to Meek Mill. He referenced the helicopter crash in a new song. Let’s just say people don’t like it at all.

Meek Mill has a new song titled “Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe)” and one particular line caught everyone’s attention.

“Yeah, and if I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my choppa, it be another Kobe.”

Of course, the troubling line is a double entendre. He referenced the tragic accident in which Kobe lost his life. “Choppa” is a slang for an automatic rifle. A lot of people had hard time digesting this.

The lyrics were posted to the song lyric database Genius. Of course, the page was taken down. Meek Mill paid tribute to Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle in the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Meek Mill has yet to address the criticism he has faced in the past couple of days. His disrespectful line made people nervous, and yes, too many people hate it. However, he is far from pleased with the current situation.

Kobe died at 41. Gigi was 13. They were traveling with two of her basketball teammates at Mamba Academy. According to recent reports, pilot Ara Zobayan had violated federal standards regarding required visibility last January.