LeBron’s High School ‘Nappy Afro’ Look Emerged (Video)

LeBron James was a talented kid, and it was more than clear that he would become a huge star in the world of basketball. He was already a star in high school.

King James was first noticed in high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron, Ohio. He was interviewed at a local news station at 16. Everybody could hear him talking about his life and dreams.

LeBron became a high school super star. He scored every day, and actually won the games by himself. We already knew this. When was the last time you saw a clip of the young LeBron? He really rocked a different hairstyle back in the days.

That afro is really large! Maybe he will go back to it some day.

There are so many interviews of LeBron. In one of them, LeBron says that he wants to become the best basketball star in the world. It seems like his dreams came true.

Nobody will ever forget Bron’s 2001 interview for 10TV. He talked about young Kirk Herbstreit and his desire to win four championships in Ohio and then open the world of NBA.

“Every day you have to go out there and work because someone will be out there working too, and if you stop, they can pass you up. Every day, My coach pushes me, I push myself, my teammates push me. My mother brought me up real good…that helps me be level-headed,” he said.

17 years later James LeBron became a star. He’s living his best life, and is about to enter a new era. LeBron looks pretty good in his new uniform. The four-year contract with the Lakers is probably his best deal ever. It’s more than certain that he will end his career in wearing the Lakers uniform. Keep up the good job, LeBron.

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