Look: ESPN’s Katie Nolan Destroys Twitter User for Bashing LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ School

Let’s get ready for some serious roasting by Katie Nolan.

LeBron James did a really good thing in his home town Akron, Ohio, and opened a public school for at-risk youth. He knows what it’s like to be out of the system and struggling to get a good education. But, some people will never accept anything that comes from him, and this time they targeted his I Promise School project. Apparently, some are just unhappy with James for not covering the entire cost of his project. The very same people complained about the millions of dollars put onto Ohio taxpayers. When will people understand that every way of supporting education is more than praised here? There are so many uneducated kids, and Katie Nolan was just trying to explain that.

Kaitlin Bennett just went to LeBron’s school in Akron in an effort to build a lousy story about the real funding. Was she just trying to destroy LeBron’s reputation?


“At the LeBron James I Promise school in Akron, Ohio filming a video about who’s really funding this place. Hint: it’s not LeBron James,” she wrote on Twitter.

ESPN analyst Katie Nolan rushed to explain a few things for her. “Ok, but who really funded your flight out there to gather the intel available in a google search,” she responded to Kaitlin’s tweet.

And there you have Kaitlin’s efforts going just down the hill.

Is it really important to note that LeBron James isn’t funding the entire project? The basketball star HELPED to fund a public school, and we should be happy for that. It’s not his personal project, and he’s just helping the public school system. When will people learn to make a difference.

No school is considered ‘public’ if financial supporters fund more than 20% of the total cost. Keep this in mind.

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