NBA Legend Makes Statement About LeBron’s Signing With Lakers

LeBron James’ signing with the Los Angeles Lakers wasn’t a surprise for most athletes, including this NBA star.

Corey Maggette says that LeBron’s new deal was something he saw coming. The NBA star had an interview with Tomar Azerly of Clutch Points, and talked how the four-time MVP was expected to join the Lakers.

“Honestly, it was no shock to me. To me, I heard a lot of talk of his son possibly wanting to play in California, and when you hear those different things, you know that LeBron is definitely considering LA. For him, I think he’s done everything the right way as far as playing the game, as far as winning a championship in multiple places, bringing a championship back to Cleveland. I think that was one of his greatest goals and he was able to do that. Now he’s in a position to do something great in LA. Los Angeles is one of the Meccas of Basketball besides New York and Chicago, and to do it on that grand stage; it’s going to be great for LeBron. He has a lot of young talent there, and I think the new acquisitions that they have. He’s really brought guys there. There’s a lot of roughness; there’s a lot of grit,” Maggette said.

The NBA star also gave credit to the Lakers’ newly-acquired veterans. Maggettee even believes that LeBron has probably worked hard on his master plan.

“Lance Stephenson is a tough competitor. Michael Beasley is a tough competitor. Rajon Rondo, a former champion, one of the top point guards in the league and he adds leadership as well as mentorship for Lonzo Ball. Kuzma, Brandon Ingram. They have some learning to do with LeBron being on their team, but I think the decision for him is to do things the way he wants. LeBron always has a master plan and can move mountains in a position to where he is,” he said.

Well, maybe Maggette is right. LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers for a good reason. Let’s wait until the season starts, and see what happens during the games.

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