Nick Foles Talks About Tom Brady Ahead Of Their Match Up On Friday

Nick Foles has a lot to say about Tom Brady, and he actually did it ahead of the big game.

New England Patriots will meet the Eagles in their second preseason game, and seeing Brady shake his hand is the moment we’re looking forward to? But, will Brady shake hands with Nick Foles?

Remember Brady’s blow-off in Super Bowl LII? It was the most shocking moment of the entire match, and it seems like Brady was a bit… angry? Well, the Eagles beat his team after all. The quarterback didn’t meet his counterpart at midfield for the regular postgame handshake, and went back to the locker room.

Nick Foles talked a lot about the handshake thing, and some said this was just a lack of class by Brady. Really?

“It’ll happen when it happens. We practiced with the Patriots (in 2014) and I got to stand there and talk to Tom quite a bit he’s a great guy. I have all the respect in the world for him. I think everyone’s making a big deal about this and it’s not a big deal at all. I’ve already talked to him before, he’s a guy I’ve always looked up to. You’ve got to admire someone who’s probably the greatest ever and still going strong at even at his age,” Foles said.

“He seems to get better and better. I already had a conversation with him before when we practiced. If we have one in the future, we have one and it’ll be cool,” he added.

We didn’t see Foles playing in the preseason opener against the Steelers, but practiced this week. Head coach Doug Pederson didn’t say much about Foles’ game, and he didn’t reveal much about the quarterbacks.

We’re looking forward to the game, and we already have our predictions. Who will win the second preseason game?

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