Patriots RB Coach Gives Major Report On Sony Michel

Sony Michel is still a mystery to most of us. The New England Patriots are still trying to figure out his role in the organization. The first-round running back was expected to replicate Alvin Kamara. But, he spent most of the preseason and training camp injured.

Sony Michel hasn’t played in a game yet, and the regular season is about to start. If you ask head coach Bill Belichick or any other Pat, none of them will much about their expectations of Michel.

However, the running backs coach is happy with what they got out of Michel so far. NESN’s Zack Cox confirmed that Michel was progressing well. The RB coach Ivan said that Michel was “just what we expected. He was progressing well. I was really happy when we got the pads on and I got to see him run a little bit. It looks like he’s going to be what we expected him to be. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too long into it before he got hurt, but I expect him to come back ready to go.”

What has Michel achieved so far. “We have walkthroughs. We have meetings, film sessions. He’s involved in everything. He just physically can’t go out there and do everything in practice,” Ivan said.

The truth is, Patriots have enough patience at the moment. No other team can be this patient with a player. The Pats have made he AFC Championship Game eight years in a row. The team is now willing to ensure Michel’s long-term health and help him maintain his shape for the playoff run. New England isn’t concerned about their player, and they’re pretty positive about their rookie.

Will Michel keep his promise, and play in the game this season? Hopefully. The Pats are gathering their team of talents, and are definitely ready for September.

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