Phillip Dorsett To Make Major Leap In This Season

New England Patriots wide receiver Phillip Dorsett is about to make a major leap in his second year of the deal.

The Pats don’t really have a choice but turn Dorsett into a No.2 receiver right behind Chris Hogan for the first month of the regular season. Yes, Julian Edelman will be suspended in the first four games of the season. This gives Phillip Dorsett a completely different role.

Jordan Matthews, Kenny Britt and Malcolm Mitchell are now released, and Eric Decker announced his retirement. Cordarrelle Patterson is something like a gadget player, and Dorsett is better than the other wide receivers in the team.

The good news is that Dorsett is ready for the challenge, and so are his teammates. Quarterback Tom Brady is also keen on working with the 25-year-old wide receiver.

You may be skeptical, but there’s a good reason for Dorsett to get this far.

Dorsett was traded from the Colts right before the regular season started. He was obliged to learnt the Pats’ offense even after the team installed it. But, now, he’s ready for some action.

“Phillip’s made a lot of improvement. He certainly has a lot of things to still improve on like we all do. But Phillip’s made a lot of improvement in our system one lap around the track now. That’s been the biggest thing. When we acquired Phillip last year, it was at the tail end of our installation and start of the game plan process. He didn’t really get the core and base of the offense like he did this year from an installation and teaching standpoint. Phillip embraced that. He went back to the basics and tried to learn the certain aspects of the offense that are the foundation of the offense, and I think that was a difference for him. He has worked extremely hard like our other guys have, but he has made a lot of progress for us. I look forward and I’m excited to see Phil this year,” wide receiver coach Chad O‘Shea said.

Well, he better be right. The Patriots are getting ready for the big game now.

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