Photos: Fans Losing Their Minds Over Bill Belichick’s Footwear At HOF Ceremony

Bill Belichick doesn’t really care about the fashion choices he makes. That’s why he chose this particular footwear for the HOF ceremony.

The New England Patriots head coach arrived at the event to support and surprise this year’s inductee Randy Moss. Patriots owner Robert Craft was there, too. But, what happened to that footwear?

We’re used to see Belichick in his sweatshirts, shouting at his players. We don’t really see him in official outfit or suits. That’s what we were pretty surprised when he showed up at the HOF ceremony. Wearing flip flops.

The head coach has the Internet buzzing with his fashion choices, and yes, we’re still hooked on those flip flops.
Belichick and Kraft went straight to Canton, Ohio for the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Reporters took pictures and stuff, and fans couldn’t just ignore Belichick’s footwear. Twitter exploded, and we saw some of the comments. It was just hilarious.

If you put this aside, the whole ceremony was emotional and surprising. Randy Moss use the opportunity to thank every single person who helped him throughout his career, including Belichick.

“Bill Belichick, I’m not gonna forget about you. I want to thank you for being a friend when it wasn’t always about football. You showed me how much I loved the game. You challenged me everyday to go out there and be great. You challenged me to be great, coach, and I’m sorry we did not bring it home. All those individual awards don’t really mean anything to me. Football is a team sport. Football is a team sport. If you checked your pride in at the door, and you’re not ashamed, for all my teammates, coaches, equipment managers that’s in attendance today, I want to thank you all because it doesn’t take one. It takes all 11 of us,” he said.

Maybe Belichick will now get himself brand new footwear.

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