Report: 4 Questions About Tom Brady’s TB12 Buddy Alex Guerrero, Answered

We’ve been reading a lot about the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his trainer Alex Guerrero. If you had any unanswered questions about Brady and Guerrero, then you better keep reading.


How did Tom Brady and Alex Guerrro meet?

Guerrero studied traditional Chinese medicine at the Samra University of Oriental Medicine. He earned a degree and opened his own practice. His focus was on sports injury rehabilitation and nutrition. Guerrero started working at the facility in 1996, and then travelled across the country to help players, including LaDainian Tomlinson, Ty Law and Willie McGinest.

McGinest noticed that Brady spends too much time off from practice, and suggested that he meets Guerrero.“[Alex] came east for six days every month to work with Willie and other players. One of those trips, the two of us met up at Willie’s house,” Brady wrote in his book.

“Over time, we developed a set of principles that have become the foundation of my performance training. The TB12 Method that Alex and I developed allows me to feel, play, and perform every week at levels as high as — or higher than — they were back when I was first given the opportunity to step onto the field as the Patriots’ quarterback.”


The relationship between Guerrero and the Pats

Some staff members of the team’s medical and training team complained about Guerrero’s alternative approach to health and his controversial background.

The Federal Trade Commission sanctioned him for marketing “Supreme Greens.” It’s a supplement that Guerrero claimed to help reverse diagnoses of terminally ill patients. Belichick just said that “Tom wants him.”
But, he stripped Brady’s trainer of several privileges, including his seat on the team’s plane and the allowance to treat players in his office at Gillette Stadium.

Brady was in the middle of the tension between the team and Guerrero. “Brady has found himself in the middle of a conflict between the Patriots and Guerrero. With Guerrero blaming the team’s trainers for injuries some of his clients have suffered and with Belichick making it resoundingly clear that Guerrero has no actual role on his staff,” ESPN’s Tom Junod and Seth Wickersham wrote in October.
Belichick referred to this as “fake news.”


Guerrero treats other Patriots

Brady’s trainer also treats Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. “I just felt like I had to add on to what I was doing. Find a way that my body will respond so I can perform every day. Be in prevention mode for injuries happening,” Gronk said.


Guerrero’s present relationship with the Patriots

Belichick’s restrictions are probably modified. We saw Guerrero travelling with the team’s plane to Carolina.
Brady doesn’t want to talk about this, and he even hung up on Kirk & Callahan’s program.

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