Report: Bill Belichick Opens Up About The Patriots vs. Eagles Matchup

The Patriots vs. Eagles game was something we looked forward to, especially after the Super Bowl outcome. Head coach Bill Belichick talked about the game.

Cordarrelle Patterson was one of the players who impressed Belichick, but his game wasn’t really a surprise for the head coach. The game between the Pats and Eagles was full of surprises, and Belichick finally talked about it.

Patterson caught two balls for 38 yards against the Eagles and had four passes for 51 yards and a touchdown. He showed an ability of a versatile route-runner. Patterson’s career has been going up and down, and this is his first year as a Patriot.

Patterson had moments of brilliance, and Belichick was paying close attention to his game. however, nothing Patterson did was enough for Belichick to be amazed or shocked.

“He’s been productive as a receiver. Obviously we thought he could help us. We traded for him,” Belichick said after the game.

The highlight appeared in the third quarter, and Patterson snared a pass near the 12-yard line. Then he juked and pulled out a defender miss. He ended up taking it in for a score.

Belichick knows that Patterson’s game has elements that “need to be refined.” But, he sure says that the athlete did a solid job when it comes to joining the new team. Paterson is working hard in practice and making plays in matchups at he same time.

Ja’Whaun Bentley is another player who stood out. He Pats drafted him in the fifth round this year.

Belichick will sure work on the team’s organization. Some players have to work on their tactics, and the Patriots better get ready for the season. It will be nice to see them facing other teams, especially after all the speculations about the team. Good luck, guys!

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