Report: Kawhi Leonard Wants To Join Lakers

The NBA was rocked by several major trades, and LeBron James’ contract with the Lakers was the hottest story. But, how will you react to the report suggesting that Kawhi Leonard wants to go to Los Angeles?

Offseasons are always filled with unexpected transfers. Paul George was the first to announce his decision to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Michael Beasley and LeBron James inked their deals with the Lakers, DeMarcus Cousins joined the Golden State Warriors, and Tony Parker opted out of his deal with the San Antonio Spurs. What happened to Kawhi Leonard?

First, Kawhi demanded a trade from the team. Let’s not forget that he has been part of the San Antonio Spurs for seven years. So, the team needed a month to trade him and Danny Green to the Toronto Raptors. This was a rather disappointing move, as most fans expected him to join the Lakers.


Will fans be happy to know that Kawhi is still interested in going to Los Angeles? This may happen next year, and the Los Angeles Clippers are also an option. If Kawhi aims for becoming a dominant star of the team, he should better play with the Clippers. Joining the Lakers means that he will have to play alongside the greatest NBA star. But, some experts believe that the Raptors may persuade Kawhi to extend his contract.

If Kawhi signs a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, he can easily get a chance to win the championship. Several reports confirm his desire to go to Los Angeles, noting that the Lakers are his first option. Is this even possible?

It seems like we’ll have a few great years, and this season will definitely be full of surprises. How will the Lakers go through the season? Let’s wait and find out.

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