Report: LeBron James Jr. Has Chosen His High School

LeBron James Jr. is following his father’s footsteps, and it seems like he has made a decision regarding the high school choice.

Every member in the James family has made a huge life decision, and Bronny isn’t any short of it. James Jr. is a promising basketball star, and we’re pretty confident in his choices. I mean, this kid is already winning championships.

LeBron James became a free agent a month ago, and decided to say ‘goodbye’ to Cleveland. He joined the Lakers family, and inked a contract worth $154 million. His son, a rising basketball prospect, decided to go to Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, California.

The kid will play on the middle school team until he’s eligible for high school, and will enter eighth grade.

“Multiple sources confirm … 13-year-old Bronny has enrolled at Crossroads with the intention of being a student when the school year begins. Bronny, of course, is one of the top young basketball players in the country. The assumption is that he’ll join the school’s middle school basketball team until he’s eligible to play for the high school team next year. FYI, Crossroads is where Shareef O’Neal played his high school ball. It’s also where Baron Davis went to school back when he was a high school star,” sources reveal.

This is a private, K-12 school in Santa Monica, and yes, it’s the same school Shaquille O’Neal’s son went to. Shareef had the honor to become a top-100 basketball recruit while playing in the team.

Bronny has a couple of years to get to the stage of becoming a serious basketball recruit. But, nothing beats the fact that he could easily find himself on the same basketball court as his dad. What an honor! It would be nice to see the father confronting his son. Nice game, right?

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