Report: Patriots Create Plan For Tom Brady vs. Eagles

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have his 2018 debut on Thursday against the Eagles.

This will be one of the greatest game in 2018, and fans are already making predictions on the outcome. ESPN’s Mike Reiss said that the original plan for Brady is to play in the exhibition vs Philly. Reiss also noted that “it wouldn’t be a surprise” if the quarterback plans “fairly deep into the first half,” which indicates that we’ll see him for more than a couple of series. What will the Eagles do?

Head coach Bill Belichick may change his mind, but it seems like this is the basic plan for the team. Will New England win?

When asked about his game in the preseason contest earlier this week, and said that this plan will give great results.
“I think the plan’s always to play. It’s – whether I do or don’t is up to Coach [Bill Belichick] but yeah, I certainly plan on being out there,” Brady said.

The quarterback didn’t play in the preseason opener due to a minor back injury. He feels great at the moment, and had more reps during practice since the exhibition against the Redskins.

Danny Amendola, Brandin Cooks and Malcolm Mitchell left the team, leaving the Pats with a new plan for the Super Bowl. Will Brady find a way to score with the help of the new receivers?

“They’re important. You know, it’s good work. I said earlier, it’s always – whether it’s walk-through, practice, game, it all matters because I think if it was a waste of time, you know, we wouldn’t do it. I think there’s a lot of urgency and you know we’re not where we need to be, got a lot of work to do and these practices are a part of it, the opportunities that we get in the game. When everything’s full live, quarterbacks getting hit, that provides a little different element. So it’s good to get out there and it’s good to be out here practicing and we got to try to see if we can put together a great performance on Thursday,” Brady said on the importance of the game in the preseason and “getting the live bullets flying.”

Good luck, Pats.

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