Report: Update On Tom Brady’s Injury

Tom Brady didn’t play in five of the last four preseason games, and many thought that he’d play with the Redskins. But, his injury stopped him from doing so.

Although some said that Brady is just taking his night off because he doesn’t need any extra exhibition reps. However, it’s more about his injury. We could’t see Brady on the Gillette Stadium.

The Patriots quarterback is dealing with a sore back. That’s why he didn’t take action in the opener, and his workload was also lighter. Nobody thought that his back was hurt.

Reporters asked head coach Bill Belichick about Brady, and gave an imprecise answer. “Some players played, some players didn’t. We tried to play people we wanted to take a look at and give some reps to,” Belichick said.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter went on the Kirk and Callahan program, and talked about Brady’s workload during practice.

He said that the team is managing him and they’r saving his bullets for important games.

“I definitely believe there is a physical component to that. Look around the league at the way other teams rest younger players in their late 20s or early 30s. Again, the guy is 41. How many throws are in that arm? … The Patriots are smart in that regard. If Tom Brady has X number of throws in his arm for the year, you might as well preserve them now and not use up that arm and give it as much rest as you possibly can. I don’t think him being rested at camp right now has anything to do with a rift between he and [Bill] Belichick, it is just being smart. It’s doing the right thing. It is managing his career, managing the throws, trying to preserve him as long as they can,” Schefter said.

“I’ll bet you — and they’ve learned this over time — if you look back at last year or the year before, or previous years, and you say, ‘You know what, if I throw less during the year, maybe my arm will be fresher at the end of the year.’ To me, what they are doing right now just is something they believe they can improve on and is just smart,” he added.

Brady’s sore back isn’t really a problem now, but he sure needs to be monitored.

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