Rob Gronkowski Makes a Decision About The Upcoming Preseason Opening Game

Fans still talk about Rob Gronkowski and the possibility of seeing him retired.

The New England Patriots are opening their preseason Thursday night, and they will first face the Redskins at the awesome Gillette Stadium. Will Rob Gronkowski play?

This is probably the most common question in the wake of every preseason. Fans keep wondering if the starters will play, and that’s the case with all preseason games.

Gronkowski didn’t give a precise answer when reporters asked if he expect to take part in the games.

“I’m anticipating to play in any game. It’s up to the coaches. We’ll see what they have for the game coming up in two games,” Gronk said.

If you go back to 2013, you’d see that Gronkowski played in just two preseason games, and both of them took place in weeks 2 and 3 last year.

The day was nice, but the tight end had to deal with high temperatures. “It’s definitely tough for sure. But you’ve just got to grind through it. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the dog days of camp. Nice day today for that. Really sweaty. From the first minute you’re out there, I think I was dripping sweat everywhere, my gloves were wet. But you’ve got to grind through it, stick to it, and just keep on going,” Gronkowski said.

Well, coaches know best, right? We’ll see what head coach Bill Belichick has to say. Rob Gronkowski is ready for action, and he doesn’t even think of retiring. The beast has a lot more to offer, and he won’t settle down for anything in the world.

The New England Patriots will have one more practice before the big game Thursday night. Let’s see how will things turn out for the team. We can’t wait for the beginning of the preseason, and neither can you, right?

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