Rob Gronkowski Opens Up About His First Preseason Game vs. Panthers (Video)

The preseason NFL games are a big thing these days, and it was nice to watch all the games. But, watching the New England Patriots loss to the Carolina Panthers wasn’t the most brilliant scenario, right? This was the first game Rob Gronkowski played in this preseason.

The Patriots won the first two games of the preseason, and their third game against the Carolina Panthers was a complete failure. What does Rob Gronkowski think about this?

The preseason can be a tricky thing. We have players who got injured and miss entire seasons. What happened to Julian Edelman? He won his second Super Bowl and marked the best season-saving catch in the Super Bowl history, then he tore his ACL in the preseason. We haven’t seen from him since Super Bowl LI. That’s half a year ago.

You can watch the full interview here.

Rob Gronkowski didn’t do much in the game against the Panthers. Gronk didn’t have any catches, and made a couple of series in the first half. The Patriots were careful with him. He has a history of injures – torn ACL, torn MCL, etc.
“It was good to get out there,” Gronk said. He also spoke about the team’s drive, and his opening up, adding that things didn’t develop his way.

“We just got to keep working harder. Everyone just gt to keep getting better,” he added. A practice weekend, a good practice, and a few more trick could do the job for the Patriots next time. Gronkowski also believes that the run-game and the-pass game are something that has to be worked on.

He’s right. “Gotta keep goin’, gotta keep improvin’ …”

Maybe the Patriots will find a way to win the next game, and strengthen their team. The players have to work with each other, as this is the only way to win the Super Bowl. Keep up the good job, guys…

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