Rob Gronkowski Shares Legendary Quote About Great White Sharks

We’ve heard a lot about the shark visits in near Cape Cod. Guess who is interested in sharks?

Rob Gronkowski heard about the big white sharks at Long Nook Beach, and came up with a few nice ideas. How will he react if a shark crosses his way?

“I heard there’s some great whites out there. I haven’t seen any great whites yet. They don’t know me yet. I only swam with tigers. So, maybe I’ll go say hi to my friends,” Gronk said.

No, he wasn’t referring to the striped variety. He was actually thinking of tiger sharks. The tight end swam with sharks for “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. “Just hanging with my newest friend Mr. Gigantic Tiger!” Gronk wrote in the caption of the video he posted on Instagram.


This makes us think of the injury clauses in Gronk’s contract with the New England Patriots. Will head coach Bill Belichick give him a call after this comment?

Gronk better stay where he is at the moment, because Cape Cod isn’t safe at the moment. The beach is closed until further notice after several sharks appeared near the coast. The “continued shark activity” was enough for authorities to react.

The 61-year-old William Lytton was bitten by a shark near 30 yards off shore at Long Nook Beach. The man is now in hospital, and he has several puncture wounds.

Officials first said that the beach may be reopened on Saturday if no sharks appear, but late Friday night the police released a report saying that the beach won’t reopen until further notice.

Sharks were also seen in Eastham, Barnstable and Sandwich.

Truro Police gave tips for beachgoers. And Gronk probably.

Everyone is advised to stay away from areas where seals live, and swimmers should always swim in group near the shore. Shiny jewelry is not recommended, as it may look like fish scales to sharks. Cloudy waters are dangerous, and swimmers may be mistaken for prey. Read this, Gronk.

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