Savannah James Makes Akron’s High School Girls Dreams Come True

Savannah James is a brilliant woman with great personality. Guess why?

LeBron James’ high school sweetheart knows that high school girls have big dreams, and decided to do something about this. Savannah James knows that wearing the perfect dress is important. Nothing changes the fact that girls like to look pretty at their prom night, and yes, having all eyes on you is a ‘must.’

Girls spend four years learning stuff, and they do deserve to wear a nice dress. But, getting ready for a prom means getting a lot of headaches and a deadly amount of stress. Some girls run in panic while making appointments with top hairdressers, and others are just crying because they can’t afford a dress. But, Savannah James is here to make their dreams come true.

Savannah had an I PROMise Makeover event, and helped a lot of girls from Akron Public Schools. The girls got the opportunity to go to the Hilton’s main ballroom and were transformed for the occasion. Yes, the ballroom looked like an expensive dress show, and there were billions of dresses there!

Savannah and her closest friends spend a day with the girls, and made sure they all find the right dress. Germany Bell wore a lavender, floor-length gown and Bianca Ford decided to go with a blue gown. Yes, they all got the dress of their dreams.

Girls were also seen by a professional cosmetologists who gave them tips on how to look gorgeous at the prom. Makeup artists did their job, too. The girls also got Beats headphones, earrings, and a glam kit of make up items. Should we add more?

Savannah knows how to take care about those in need. These girls needed someone to give them a hand, and that’s what Savannah did. What a gorgeous woman!

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