See LeBron James Voicing Yeti In New Animated Film (VIDEO)

LeBron James is super busy these days, and even became a Yeti. Yes, you read that right.

King James promoted a new animated film, and Twitter seemed to be the best place to do it. The animated film is coming out next month. Are you excited to watch Smallfoot? You’d be even more excited after you read that LeBron voiced the Yeti called Gwangi.

Listening to LeBron voicing a Yeti will probably be the most hilarious thing for the season. It’s something new and fresh, and yes, we all need some fun.

“It’s about yetis trying to find you guys – humans, smallfoots. It’s fun to actually put your voice into a character, and then see some of the clips come to life. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter watch it because she loves animated movies,” King James said back in March.


The cast is pretty stacked, and we’ll get to hear Zendaya, James Corden, Channing Tatum, Common, Danny DeVito and others. So Crazy!

Smallfoot will come out on Friday, Sept. 28. We can’t wait to watch it!

“OH MAN Gwangi told me he’s super excited for y’all to see him on the Big Screen coming soon to a theater near you!” LeBron tweeted.

So, yes, we’ll get to listen to King Gwangi in September. This is just another big move for the Lakers star, and King James knows how to pull the right moves at the right moment. Timing matters, and he uses his time in Los Angeles to get the most of his talent.

LeBron is not just about basketball. He’s successful in several other fields, including production. His company is super strong on the market, and this is the beginning of a new Los Angeles era for the king of basketball. Keep up the good job, King James.


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