Stephen Curry Makes Stunning Comment About LeBron Opening School

LeBron James has been making headlines for the past few weeks, and it wasn’t just about the Lakers contract. He and his Family Foundation opened a new school in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio. The ‘I Promise School’ is welcoming the first students and we couldn’t be prouder of our favorite basketball player.

Throughout his career as a professional athlete, LeBron has always used his influence to help the community and the less fortunate. He knows what it means to start from zero. Before becoming the most successful basketball player ever, he was just a kid from a small town that struggled to make ends meet. Now that he has everything he ever asked for, he wants to share some of that with people in need.

After news broke out about the school’s opening, fellow NBA players congratulated LeBron on his biggest achievement yet. Stephen Curry was one of the first to send his support. Even though he and James went head-to-head in four games during this year’s NBA Finals, they still have huge respect for each other.

Curry went on his Twitter profile to praise LeBron’s accomplishment and the school’s mission to help kids from underprivileged families. This is what he posted:

While LeBron shares these kids’ struggles, Stephen Curry’s background story is much different. He grew up with the luxury of having anything every kid would need thanks to his millionaire pro athlete father. However, that hasn’t stopped him from involving in a number of charitable causes throughout the years. That is only one of many things he and LeBron have in common.

We hope that LeBron’s generosity will inspire other players to do the same. The best feeling in the world is knowing that you’ve helped make someone’s life a bit better!

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