Terry Rozier Addresses LeBron James’ Move To Lakers

LeBron James’ move to Los Angeles Lakers fueled the fire, and many athletes gave their opinion on his new contract, including Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier.

Terry Rozier isn’t really concerned about LeBron’s contract with the Lakers. “I really don’t care. The league is watered down as it is. Everybody is making different moves. I’m only worried about the Boston Celtics. I’m not worried about LeBron James, Lakers, Cavaliers. [We’re] just trying to figure out how we can get better,” Rozier said.

So, it seems like the Celtics guard is too busy thinking about his teammates. Rozier sure hopes that the team can pull out a special game this season. Yes, he doesn’t really have time to talk LeBron.

“We can be special. Truly special. I think you know that. I think everybody knows that. Obviously, we [are] good on paper, we just gotta get it together and make sure everybody comes in and has that same mindset. But I feel like it’s going to be a special group… We look good on paper. The same team back from last year adding two main guys (Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward), two main pieces, with a lot of the guys we added from this draft and re-signed. t’s special. It’s special. Like I said, I don’t want to talk too much about [what the team can accomplish], but it’s going to be special,” Rozier added.

The guard took on a starting role throughout the 2018 playoffs due to Irving’s injury issues. This year Rozier wil jump back to a reserve role. He isn’t worried about this either. “I’m not worried about [my role]. Kinda control what I can control. We all got one goal, and that’s to win. We all get love when we win. That should be everybody’s mindset. It’s going to be a lot of fun… If you want to win a championship, that’s what it’s going to take — sacrifice. … We’re all going to have one goal, and it’s going to lead us to the promised land,” he said.

Let’s see if the Boston Celtics will score high this season.

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