Thousands Petition For LeBron James As Secretary Of Education

LeBron James won our hearts at the very first moment he stepped forwards and helped someone in need. His latest gesture was the cherry on top, and triggered a whole petition thing.

King James worked on a project with Akron Public Schools called I Promise School. It was a rather serious idea that ended with the opening of a public school for at-youth risk. 240 third- and fourth-graders will go to school thanks to the NBA star. The move inspired thousands of Americans, and they decided to put together a petition.

I Promise School inspired so many people, and they are now trying to push the matter a bit forward. The petition is now calling for current US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to resign or be fired. Whatever.

Guess who is supposed to take her place? King James.

Yes, that’s right. People want James LeBron to become the new Secretary of Education, and that’s actually a good idea.

“LeBron James is an inspiration to kids all over the country. He’s shown he cares about America’s youth and understands the power of public education in helping children meet their true potential,” the petition reads.

A total of 4,240 people have signed the petition as of 10 a.m. We believe that this number will go even higher because people just love LeBron and support everything he has done lately.

James LeBron is one of the greatest NBA players, and he has signed a four-year contract with the Lakers. He’s a successful film producer. The king of basketball may not have time to get busy in the education system, but hey, you never know… Maybe he will be successful as the next Secretary of Education. Our country needs more people like him, and people support him. LeBron James enjoys the support of many Americans, and that’s enough for him to get in the office.

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