Tom Brady In Yesterday’s Press: ‘I Want To Play For A Long Time’

Tom Brady played with the New England Patriots for almost nineteen years, and he doesn’t even think of going home.

We heard so much about the quarterback’s plans to retire this year, but Tom Brady still thinks long-term with his career. This is actually good news for the team, and Brady will sure help them win another Super Bowl.

“I think you always have short-term goals and long-term goals and this year’s the one I’m focused on. [But] obviously I want to play for a long time, so I’ve said that for a while. Feel like I’m a broken record. You know, it’s really this year is the focus and this team,” the quarterback said after Tuesday’s practice behind Gillette Stadium.

The ‘broken record; feeling for Tom Brady appeared in the offseason, and everybody is talking about his hit-or-miss presence. Let’s not forget that Brady didn’t take part in any voluntary practice this offseason.

But, no, Brady won’t change his mind on the long-discussed plan of playing football until he turns 45.

What did his agent Don Yee say about the quarterback’s future? He couldn’t settle down fans, and his statement was somewhat shocking.

“Tom’s intentions have not changed. He’s consistently said he’ll play beyond this contract and into his mid-40s, or until he feels he isn’t playing at a championship level. I understand the constant speculation, but this is one point he’s been firm about,” Yee said.

Brady had his contract altered. You know, the incentives and bonuses. The Patriots need Brady’s skills and experience to get to a higher level this season. Will they make it to the Super Bowl? Will New England win the Super Bowl? Bets are on, and everybody has their own prediction of the final outcome. But, one thing stands for sure. Brady won’t retire this season.

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