Tom Brady Makes His First Announcement As a 41-year-old

Patriots’ most famous quarterback Tom Brady celebrated his birthday on Friday. His teammates and fans surprised him with a giant cake, a cute balloon version of him, some cut-out goat figure, as well as birthday card for writing wishes. His wife, Giselle, wished her husband a happy birthday through an Instagram post, but also decided to show up at practice with their children to surprise Brady.

And while Brady’s bud, Julian Edelman joked with TB12, calling him a 51-year-old, Brady himself wrote an Instagram post that referred to a “release date” for the latest version of himself.

“Tb12 v. 4.1 release date 9/9/18 #LFG,” posted Brady.

9/9/18. That’s when the Patriots open their regular season at Gillette Stadium against the Houston Texans.

Tb12 v. 4.1 release date 9/9/18 #LFG

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At 41 years old, Brady is entering his 19th season in the NFL.

In a recent interview with Religion of Sports, Brady was asked about his first training camp and about some of the veterans that took him under their wing.

“Man, that was a long time ago!” Brady said. “Drew Bledsoe was obviously a great leader for this team and mentor to me when I came into the league. Willie McGinest, Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, Ted Johnson — those were guys I watched and learned from in terms of how they prepared and carried themselves. Bruce Armstrong was on that team, and he’s probably one of the all-time greats. I obviously built a rapport with Troy Brown.

“And Bill — I mean, I’ve been lucky enough to play for the best coach in the history of the game. Obviously, our relationship has changed over the years, but even back then he was demanding and precise and expected a lot from all of his players. That was clear from the very start.

“Since then, I’ve just been hardwiring started for me. Now when I get back to camp and get back into my routines, it just gets activated and I’m ready to go!”

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