Tom Brady Rejected Offer From Roger Goodell To Go Against His Team

Remember Deflategate? Well, the New England Patriots quarterback was given the chance to avoid his suspension, but hey, we’re talking about Tom Brady. He’s got his pride. What about Roger Goodell?

The only way that could’ve helped Tom Brady avoid being suspended was blaming the two New England Patriots staffers for the big scandal. That’s what Roger Goodell wanted at the time.

There was this $1 million fine proposal, and the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that Brady has to state that former equipment managers John Jastremski and Jim McNally actually tampered with the football without him knowing a thing about the whole process.

Brady turned down the offer, and sit out four games. Yes, the Patriots are pretty used at this four-game suspension thing.

ABC’s report was based on the new book 12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption. Authors Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge used the book to quote the quarterback and his response to Goodell’s offer. Brady told NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith that he won’t ruin those two. “There’s no way I’m gonna ruin these guys for something I believe they didn’t do,” Brady says in the book.

There was a huge legal battle, and it ended up with Brady sitting out the first four games in the 2015 season. The NFL accused his team of purposely under-inflating game balls at the AFC Championship game. This was a serious accusation, and Brady knew how to handle it. He’s not a coward.

NFL’s spokesperson didn’t make any comments on the book. Brady and the Pats didn’t respond to ABC’s request for comments on the book.

In this book we can read about the tensions between Brady and Pats owner Robert Kraft. Brady believed that the organization didn’t provide much support at the time, but these two managed to resolve the differences in their opinion.

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