Tom Brady Sends Apologize To Randy Moss And The Internet Explodes

Tom Brady is still in the center of all events, and fans are raging over his recent apology. Guess what will Randy Moss do next…

The New England Patriots quarterback knows how to pull the right move at the right time, and Randy Moss will sure appreciate it. Brady helped the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee break the NFL record for receiving scores in a single season. They worked pretty well together, but Brady still has something to apologize for.

Moss had his personal record of 23 receiving touchdowns in 2007 which was actually his first season with the Patriots. Can you believe that Brady thinks that this total could’ve jumped even higher?

NFL Network posted an emotional message, and it was just Brady congratulating Moss on his enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2018. There’s still place for regrets though…

“I want to say congratulations to a great friend and teammate, Randy Moss. Congrats on the Hall of Fame. Just an incredible player, teammate and a friend, and there are so many great stories,” Brady said.

“I always used to look at Randy after a play when he wouldn’t get the ball when I threw to someone else, and I’d say, ‘Randy, were you open? Did you get him?’ And Randy would look at me — because a lot of time he’d have deep routes — he’d look at me and go (raising hands to mimic touchdown signal). Meaning if I threw it, it’d be a touchdown. So I regret all those times I didn’t throw it to you deep, Randy. I love you, man, and congratulations,” the quarterback added.

It’s nice to see players sharing this much respect. Brady and Moss had good times together, and made tons of memories. We’ll all remember their game, and let’s just hope that young talents will follow their footsteps.

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