Tom Brady Tries Out New Helmet Style At Today’s Patriots Practice (VIDEO)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will stick to the field for a few more years, but this doesn’t apply to his helmet.

The National Football League has a new rule which phases out older models of helmets that don’t meet the league’s safety factors. This includes Brady’s Riddell VSR-4 helmet. He won’t be allowed to use it past 2018

The quarterback hit the field looking… a bit different? This is a brand new style of helmet, and fans were sure surprised to see him like this.

According to sources, Brady is wearing a Riddell Precision Fit SpeedFlex in this photo.

We’re not used to seeing him like this. Tom Brady wore the same helmet style throughout his entire football career. He remained faithful to the same style despite his experiments with modern helmets. Brady kept coming back to his VSR-4.

The 2015 Newsday story focused on concussions in high school football. Brady’s helmet scored a one star on the one-to-five star scale of safety. The Riddell VSR-4 was also listed as a low-scoring helmet on the NFL’s 2015 laboratory testing chart. The SpeedFlex, on the other hand, belongs to the “top-performing” group.


We still don’t have much info on Brady implementing a new style, but seeing him trying out a new helmet style sure means something. The VSR-4 is still allowed in 2018, and his experiment indicated that Brady will follow through with his plan to play a few more seasons. That’s good news for his fans.

His wife, Gisele Bundchen, wants him to retire, but the quarterback doesn’t even think of going home. According to him, he has a lot more to offer, and the Pats could really use his skills and talent in the next few seasons. Talent never wears off, we should all remember that. But, what about Brady’s back injury?

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