Tom Brady’s Body Trainer Alex Guerrero Back Travelling With The Team

There’s been a lot going on with the New England Patriots and Alex Guerrero, and it seems like his story is still not over.

According to sources, Alex Guerrero boarded on the team plane with the Patriots quarterback on their way to Charlotte. This happened before the team’s third preseason game against the Panthers.

This is big news for everyone who remember that this was the reason for the tension between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. So, what’s really going on?

It’s more than clear that Guerrero won’t be on the sidelines during the game against the Panthers or any other game in the season. However, he will have the privilege to travel with the team during the season to tend his client and business partner, as confirmed by sources.

Guerrero also endorsed tight end Rob Gronkowski in the TB12, and treats other players, including Julian Edelman. We saw him coming and going from the Patriots locker room after each of the workouts. This is not a fresh news, and Guerrero is actually allowed on the premises. The dynamics was changed, and it’s going in the right direction.

We saw Brady being all positive and bright. Is this somehow connected with Guerrero’s presence? Maybe he’s just happy for not being obliged to go to other part of the building for a deep-tissue massage or whatever Guerrero does to him.

It turns out that Brady and Belichick solved any disputes, and ironed some of the differences. It’s not like it was a problem for the team, but it sure is nice to see that everything is fine.

Maybe this is just a compromise for Brady. Maybe Guerrero works with other Patriots at Gillette. However, everything is fine, and there’s no obstacle for the team to keep winning their games. Good luck, guys!

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