Twitter Users React to Patriots Loss to Carolina Panthers

The New England Patriots won the first two games of the preseason, and things were going in the right direction. Many thought that they’d have hard times playing against the Eagles, but it turns out that the Carolina Panthers gave them a terrible headache.

The Patriots lost to the Carolina Panthers, and we all agree that Tom Brady and his teammates played bad. No exceptions here!

So, what really happened? This was just a regular preseason game, and things were supposed to go smooth. The defense was bad, and so was the offense. The Pats could barely make a point. Quarterback Brady scored just three points. Yes, the greatest of all quarterbacks had a bad day.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton scored 142 yards in the first half. His injury didn’t have anything on him, and Newton just run over the Pats’ defense. Oh, and the Patriots played almost an hour without a touchdown.

Everyone watched the game, and nothing could beat the fact that the Pats didn’t try enough in the third game of the preseason.

The Internet went on fire, and Twitter users didn’t think twice before sharing their evaluations. There were some ugly comments, but most of them were just realistic.

“Patriots defense gets off the field with only allowing a field goal. Tough first drive – missed tackles and a penalty factored in. They bent, but didn’t break. Sound familiar?” Mark Daniels tweeted.

Yes, this was a rehearsal, but the Patriots disappointed us all.

“Very positive performance for Phillip Dorsett so far. I like seeing him involved in the short passing game,” Doug Kyed wrote.

Oh, and Gilmore’s performance? Just terrible.

Maybe the Patriots will work on their weak spots, and improve their tactics. The regular season will start really soon, and these guys better work better on practice.

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