Video: LeBron Gives Perfect Response To Trump’s Comments While Drinking Wine

LeBron James is still in the center of all events, and this time it’s just him defending himself.

The NBA star was sort of insulted when President Donald Trump called him ‘stupid.’ Well, it’s not like he took it seriously. But, you can’t just go around and call people names. So, instead of striking back, LeBron James made something incredible.

The NBA offseason is already filled with controversies and political issues. It seems like politics is everywhere. Nobody is immune to the virus, and the best NBA player was infected, too.

But, King James didn’t insult anybody. He was too busy opening schools for those in need. LeBron is concerned about the future of at-risk youth, and thought he could do something to improve the situation.

LeBron is fully focused on his new chapter with the Los Angeles Lakers, and President Trump was just there on Twitter insulting him. LeBron doesn’t even mind being called names, because he has greater things on his mind.

Fans were thrilled to watch his short clip of himself. The social media went on fire, and people couldn’t stop posting comments.

You can watch the video here.

The King was just there listening to Future and sipping his wine. That’s how you respond to hateful comments.
This is the right approach to the situation. The short clip literally sums up the concept of the entire offseason. I mean, things like this are expected to happen at the time you finish your 82nd game. The NBA Finals are no joke.

The league has been surrounded with a lot of noise, and LeBron thought that he could just step back and relax. Basketball is just a game, right? No stress, no silly comments, no hate. Will someone tell the President that hate never brings anything good? That would be nice, because LeBron James won’t take any of that.

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