Watch: King James’ Voice Cover In Smallfoot Movie

LeBron James’ fans can’t wait to watch the Smallfoot movie. It’s his latest project, and the king of basketball is actually voicing a Yeti named Gwangi.

The animated film Smallfoot will be released on September 28. Have you ever thought of LeBron starring in an animated movie? Well, we already saw him playing the comedic version of himself in the 2015 romantic comedy Trainwreck.

King James won’t appear in Smallfoot, but he will voice the Yeti. If you ask him, LeBron will say that he really enjoys being part of an animated movie.

“OH MAN Gwangi told me he’s super excited for y’all to see him on the Big Screen coming soon to a theater near you!” LeBron tweeted.


Remember his interview in March? The king talked about the movie. “It’s about Yetis trying to find you guys, humans. I play one of the main characters in the movie, his name is Gwangi. I was doing voice over for it yesterday. We have a launch date of Sept. 24, I believe, if not sooner,” LeBron said.

“It’s fun to actually put your voice into a character and then see some of the clips come to life. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter watch it. She loves, obviously, animated movies. To hear her dad’s voice she’s going to be kind of weirded out a little bit at first. But she’ll get it as the movies goes on,” he added.

We bet you will put the date on your calendar. Make sure you don’t forget the release. Are you excited to hear the king of basketball voicing a Yeti? It will be hilarious!

This only confirms that LeBron James is interested in living his Hollywood dream. It was more than clear that basketball isn’t the only thing that made him move to Los Angeles.

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