Bill Belichick Moving Jason McCourty to Safety Just Might Be Another Genius Move

Defensive back Jason McCourty made the New England Patriots roster, and we will be seeing him in the new season. Head coach Bill Belichick seems to have a new plan for him, and McCourty will be moved over to safety.

What’s the reasons for this? It’s all about genetics. His brother, Devin, was also a cornerback. In 2012, Devin was moved to free safety, and he became one of the most productive player at this position. So, is history repeating? Is this why Jason McCourty is being moved?

Devin’s move made him a second-team All-Pro. Twice. He was also a Pro Bowl selection in 2016. Devin is one of the strongest members of New England’s defense for many years at this point. Maybe the moving of Jason will be worth a shot.

Jason McCourty is a 10-year veteran in the league. He played with the Tennessee Titans for eight years, and also had a stop in Cleveland with the Browns before landing with the Patriots.

McCourty doesn’t really have a great chance of starting at safety in the near future. Devin and Patrick Chung will contribute to the depth chart at this position for New England. But, Jason may become a respectable safety sometime down the line.

So, Bill Belichick will be using the same trick twice. Jason McCourty has a lot to offer, and he will be as good as his brother. Belichick knows what he is doing, and the moves will sure improve the game of the team. The brothers can contribute to the game, and the Patriots need every talent they can gate.

New England is getting ready for the new season, and the 53-man roster is already created. Is the winning formula already here? Probably. Let’s see if Belichick made the right decision with all the moves.

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