Bill Belichick Reacts To Gronkowski’s Week 1 Touchdown Dance

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski always finds a way to connect with quarterback Tom Brady for a score. And the touchdown dance?

The Gillette Stadium is Gronk’s stage, and the touchdown dance is one of his greatest skills.

The Patriots had their first regular-season opener against the Houston Texans on Sunday, and won the game, of course. Quarterback Brady completed a 21-yard pass to Gronk, and he toe tapped into the front corner of the end zone for the final score. So, Gronk grabbed the ball to do his thunderous spike, and even did a nice wiggle to celebrate the score.

Head coach Bill Belichick crowed the drive of the matchup. “Well, it’s always good to get on the board first, so we were able to get the turnover on the first play on the read option,” Belichick said. “Then to be able to convert that into a touchdown with a great play from Tom to Rob, and catch right on the goal line — can’t forget Rob’s dance after the touchdown to go with the spike, so that was a good drive,” Belichick said during his appearance on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.

When asked if the Patriots practices these dances, Belichick gave the most hilarious response. “Yeah, it must be somewhere. I haven’t seen that one so it must be somewhere outside my sight, that’s OK,” the coach added.
Brady served Gronk up with seven catches, and the tight end turned these into 123 yards and a score. Brady and Gronk know how to play they game, and they always work in sync.

“Rob and I – we’ve been playing together for a long time. I remember a couple years ago, we threw like in April one year, and I mean we threw like 40 passes. We hit them all. So, I know his body language. I know his ability to run and what routes. He can do it. He can do really all the routes. It’s just a matter of giving him a chance, and it came with a big touchdown today,” Brady said of the tight end.

Keep up the good job, guys!

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