Cleveland Unveils Replacement Design For LeBron James Banner

LeBron James left Cleveland for the second and last time in his career. Many believe that he will retire wearing the Lakers uniform, meaning that he won’t even get a chance to go back to his home. That’s why Cleveland decided to remove the 10-story LeBron James banner.

The Sherwin-Williams building in downtown Cleveland needs a new look now that the king is out of town. The city of Cleveland Planning Commission released the design for the new banner that will replace the LeBron James banner.

The new design features one of the guardians of the Hope Memorial Bridge that connects Carnegie and Lorain avenues, and says “All for The Land.” The banner will also have the logos of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Destination Cleveland.

This decision was probably a huge surprise for Cleveland Browns receiver Jarvis Landry. His brother was looking into getting a banner of the Pro Bowler hanged up in LeBron’s place. The manager brother said he inquired recently about the idea of having an image of Landry on the giant banner.

“I think that’s what he lives for. The pressure of ‘Man, I’m gonna put, just like LeBron, I’m going to put the city on my back and carry us through,’ I think he’s up for it,” the brother said.

Landry will play a regular-season game for the Cleveland Browns. The team hasn’t won a game since the presidency of Barack Obama. However, Cleveland is built on optimism, and even if his image doesn’t make it to the side of the building, he will keep bringing hope to the team.

Cleveland said ‘goodbye’ to the king of basketball in early July right after LeBron announced his decision to fly to Los Angeles. The Cavs didn’t say a word, but there’s still a note of disappointment in the team. They’re used to it.

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