Dez Bryant Explains Why He Wants To Join Patriots

The New England Patriots had their regular season opener against the Houston Texans, and Dez Bryant hasn’t found his home yet.

Dez Bryant is a free agent since April, and had the courage to turn down offers to join the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. Why did he make such decisions? It seems like Bryant hopes to join the right team during the season.

There are too many speculations over “the right team,” and Bryant decided to say a word on the matter. Yes, he wants to join the Patriots. When asked if he would return to the Cowbows, Bryant gave a precise response.

“Naw I’m ok. I rather go somewhere I can showcase my skills for real. If I line up next to Gronk Hogan Edelman I’m for sure getting a 1 on 1 matchup plus I won’t be getting criticized controlled for expressing my love for the game. Washington is cool as well,” he responded.

The Patriots had a injured wide receivers this offseason. Kenny Britt, Malcolm Mitchell and Jordan Matthews suffered injuries, and were eventually released. Julian Edelman is suspended, and Chris Hogan wasn’t really effective against the Texans. Even Sony Michel missed the season opener.

Edelman, Michel and Hogan will get back on the field, and Bryant will sure be a nice addition in terms of offense. Quarterback Tom Brady will have the best weapons in history. Will this shut down all the analysts saying that New England has issues with pass-catchers?

Bryant seems to be ready to commit to the team’s style and organizational philosophies. He’s ready to win and make whatever change he needs to help the team win. The Patriots haven’t shown interest in him, but Bryant was never too loud about his interests either. So, maybe they will meet their interests this time.

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