Several Cavs Players Get Together With LeBron James at His Wedding Anniversary Party

Everyone is talking about LeBron James’ wedding anniversary party, and how he surprised the love of his life. Savannah is a one lucky woman. But, something else caught everyone’s attention.

King James used the opportunity to reunite with some of his former teammates. Yes, he did invite a few Cavaliers on his wedding anniversary party. Being out of the Cleveland Cavaliers doesn’t mean that LeBron will never ever spend some time with his guys. He’s still a good friend with some of them.

Friday night was a big night, and the four-time MVP showed that he still respects his former teammates. LeBron posted pics with J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson and Kendrick Perkins. They were all invited at his wedding anniversary celebration. Those selfies caught everyone’s attention, and we’re more than glad that the guys spent some nice time together.

King James wasn’t the only one to share pics of the party. Smith couldn’t hold his excitement during Travis Scott’s performance.

This isn’t the first time LeBron James hangs out with the Cavaliers. In July, he was caught having fun with Kevin Love. Las Vegas was their spot, and they were all smiles during the workout.

It’s more than clear that Cleveland will always be in LeBron’s heart. He may have changed his uniform, but there’s no regret, and the Cavs don’t hate him. It’s all about the game, right? LeBron knew that this deal was the right thing for his professional career, and nobody should be mad at him for doing the best for him and his family.

He will always love his Cavaliers, and it will be more than exciting to see him confront his former team in November. Will LeBron ever go back to Cleveland? We can’t really say anything about it. He’s happy with the Lakers guys at the moment.

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