Here’s What J.J. Watt Had to Say About Facing Tom Brady

The regular season will start on Sunday, and Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is well aware of the Brady impact.

When asked about the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, J.J. Watt gave a specific opinion on his place in history. Yes, we all know that Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the entire NFL history.

“I mean, obviously you’re facing the best quarterback of all time and possibly the best coach of all time. I mean, they’re incredible and everything that they’ve accomplished in their career speaks for itself. They’ve obviously done some phenomenal things and they deserve all the praise and the accolades that they get because of what they’ve accomplished. So you’re facing that. You’re facing guys with a ton of experience, a ton of knowledge, a lot of skill, a lot of talent and who work very hard. It’s always a good challenge and so for us to open up the season against a team like that and a player like Tom, it’s a great challenge right out the gate,” Watt said.

Tom Brady can maneuver in the pocket, and Watt views this as the ultimate challenge. One of the aspects that makes the Patriots strong is the special relationship between the quarterback and his o-line.

“He’s very comfortable back there. I mean he knows what he’s doing, he knows – his o-linemen know where he’s going to be, he knows how to shuffle around and slide around to get into the open spot. I think he has a great relationship with his o-line in that matter where they know where he wants to set up and he knows where he wants to set up and if he needs to make an adjustment he can. But I think that’s one of his – definitely one of his strengths is his ability to move around, find the open window, find the open space and get the ball out quick as well. I mean he’s been very good at that his whole career,” Watt explained.

Watt has recovered from the season-ending injury he suffered last October. The team is ready for the primary challenge, and will host the Texans on Sunday. Game on!

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