Jeanie Buss Responds To Claims About LeBron James Making Lakers Basketball Decisions Over Magic Johnson

LeBron James built a reputation of being the ‘general manager’ of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and many say he was in charge of the trades and signings. When it comes to his new team, President of basketball operations Magic Johnson confirmed that the Lakers front office would make personnel decisions by LeBron. What does Jeanie Buss think about this?

Magic Johnson even said that he would reside as the team’s decision maker. This got people wondering if LeBron will actually get the ultimate power. Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has something to say about this.

Buss disagrees with these claims, and made it clear that Magic Johnson makes the basketball decisions. She appeared on Willard and Plaschke, and talked on the matter.

“When you talk about who’s running the basketball side of the Lakers, Magic Johnson is the head of basketball. He makes all basketball decisions. He is the one that laid down the path that led to bringing LeBron here, he is at the top of the organizational chart when it comes to basketball, and he’s done a fantastic job,” Buss said.

We’ve seen other front offices talking to a star player regarding potential personnel move. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the player’s word will be obeyed as the front office has the final word.

Magic Johnson talked to LeBron during and after free agency, and King James approved the signing of Michael Beasley, JaVale McGee, Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson.

Jeanie Buss, Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka are still on the same page in the Lakers organization, and no player will ever change that. Everyone has a role in the team, and that’s to be respected. The Lakers are a big organization, meaning they’re disciplined and loyal. Things are going really well in the front office, and it definitely doesn’t require any change.

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