LeBron Wife, Savannah, Shares Video Of His Wild Outfit

LeBron James and his wife Savannah are all about fashion and they know how to pop a good outfit here and there. Well, these two are a match made in heaven and Savannah sure knows how to make people laugh.

The four-time NBA champion entered the offseason a little early this time. The Los Angeles Lakers made the Western Conference Finals, but didn’t make the big game after losing the series to the Denver Nuggets.

So, LeBron enjoys his time off and tries to get the best of it. Long days with the family doing all the fun things out there. Savannah caught LeBron in one of his wild moments and shared a video of his even wilder outfit. Remember when she shared a video of him dancing?

Gorgeous Savannah made a video of LeBron wearing a crazy onesie and we are guessing he was just getting ready for bed. In this video, we can see the Lakers superstar finding his spot at the kitchen table. Bronny is there, too, flashing his own outfit. King James decided to take a shot at his oldest son, but we are not really sure that he is the right person to crack jokes about Bronny’s outfit. Just take a look at his own!

LeBron and Savannah embrace every challenge in their way

LeBron and Savannah try to be the best parents for their kids. His childhood wasn’t happy and LeBron made sure his kids don’t go through the same nightmare. It is always fun and games despite being in the spotlight all the time.

It is not always easy and some days are more challenging than others. Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest during his workout at USC amid all the rumors about teaming up with his dad. It was scary, but everything looks good right now.

LeBron will be here to give him all the support he can get and hopefully, Bronny will overcome this obstacle. Savannah is the perfect mother and she is making things easier for everyone. Hopefully, the James family won’t have to go through this again.